imageLA SPINETTA Barbaresco Gallina Bottle
LA SPINETTA Barbaresco Gallina Bottle

LA SPINETTA Barbaresco Gallina

Denomination Barbaresco DOCG
Variety 100% Nebbiolo
Average production 11,500 bottles (2.5% of entire wine production)
Average yield per ha 2,300 bottles
Vinyeard  Gallina, Neive
Type of Soil  Calcareous
Average Age of Vines  35-45 years
Average altitude 270 m
Vineyard Size  5  hectare
Special characteristics South exposure, Neive is the most famous area for making Barbaresco
Time of Harvest Beginning to middle of October
Cellar LA SPINETTA, Castagnole Lanze
Vinification Details Alcoholic fermentation for 7-8 days in rotofermenters at controlled temperature, malolactic fermentation in oak
Aging Entirely in new, medium toasted French oak for 20 - 22 months
Bottling Transfer to stainless steel vats for 3 months before bottling, aging in bottles for another 12 months
Specialties  No filtration and clarifying
Release 3 years after harvest
Winemaker's Comments  Color:        Defined red
Bouquet:   Warm and elegant with scents of violet and raspberry, as well as a slightly spicy note
Taste:        Complex, full bodied, perfect balance, powerful with a bit of sweeter sensations
Food Pairing Ideal with grilled food, sauced and elaborate red meat and wild game, or just to be enjoyed by itself
Evolution 25 to 30 years
serving temperature
16-17 degrees Celsius