Mildiani (Georgia)

Selected Georgian Wines from Mildiani family
Mildiani Family is in wine business from the beginning of the 90's.  They are located in the heart of Georgian winemaking in Tsinandali Village in the Kakheti region of Georgia.  This area is the birthplace of Georgian winemaking.  Initially the family activities were limited by purchase of wine materials from wine factories, bottling and selling of the wines.

The very first experience in the business showed lots of difficulties related to control of wine quality which depended a lot on the raw materials.  This also limited the production capacity.  It was impossible to satisfy the ever-growing deman for high quality Georgian wines being not in complete control of the wine making process.

- 1995: the first 5 acres of vineyards were purchased (at present the company owns 250 acres of fertile land for vineyards).  
-  1996: the first attempts were made to grow vines.  First the wine was only bottles in ceramic jars.  
-  1997: first attempts of bottling into glass bottles.  
- 1999: Mildiani family started buying auxilliary materials such as bottles, corks, filters, etc. from Western companies.  
-  2000: the company is equipped with a modern bottling line of Italian make, bottles, modern filters and filtering materials of leading producers are purchased.
-  2001: Main wine-processing factory is built near town Telavi, close to the vineyards.  For the first time Mildiani participated in international exhibitions.

Today the company is oriented almost entirely toward export markets with 80% of the business going internationally.  The currently most important markets are Poland, Belarus, Belgium, Ukraine, Canada, Japan and the UK.

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