imageCampagnola Cantico Prosecco Bottle
Campagnola Cantico Prosecco Bottle
Campagnola (Italy)

Campagnola Cantico Prosecco di Valdobiaddene

Variety Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
Wine Region Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy
Vineyards  Vineyards in the Valdobbiadene classic doc area.
Vinification Details
Wine placed in fermentation pressure tanks where is left in contact with selected yeasts for 18 days at 18 degrees C. It is then cooled to 4 degrees C. For 10 days to stabilize it and then filtered and bottled. Charmat method.
Winemaker's Comments 

Color:      Light straw yellow with fine and persintent perlage.

Flavor:    Fruity, intense with typical fragrance of aplle and citrus fruit. Dry well-structured. Drink while still young.


Food Pairing 
Ideal as aperitif, with appetizers, pizza, light meals, fish dishes or all meal. Serve well chilled at 6 degrees C.