Campagnola (Italy)

Arnaces Prosecco

Grape                                     Glera grapes, grown with free cordon spur system, with maximum intensity of 4000 vine per hectar and a maximum production of 3.5kg per vine

Region                                    Mortegliano, Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Vineyards                              Selection of 12 hectars in Mortegliano, Friuli, grown with integrated agriculture to fight environmental impact. Alluvial soil, rich in skeleton with north-south exposition

Vinification                            Night harvest with harvester machine. Soft pressing and cold fermentation with a following re-fermentation in small Inox tanks for a minimum period of 90 days (Charmat Method).

 Winemaker’s Comments

Color                                      Light straw yellow with fine and persintent perlage.

Flavor                                     Fruity, intense with typical fragrance of apple and citrus fruit. Dry well-structured. Drink while still young.

Analysis                                 Alcohol 11,5 %Vol; Total Acidity 5,5 g/l; Sugar Res 12 g/l; Pression 4,5 atm.