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Chateau Capion (France)

An exceptional vineyard to exceptional wines!

Discover and Experience the Chateau Capion!

At the gates of Aniane and St Guilhem le Desert, Capion Castle is ideally situated to produce quality Coteaux du Languedoc wines as Gassac Valley is the birthplace of the Terrasses du Larzac.

It is within this exceptional terroir that our white, red and pink wines are created, building each day the reputation of Château du Languedoc.

It was our sincere intention to take you on a journey to the core of Capion, and introduce you to all the elements that contribute to the conception of our wines. This immersion should help you to sharpen your senses and help you channel your sensations and emotions, whilst tasting the wines of Chateau Capion.


Listen carefully to the winds that blow over Capion. Every instrument is orientated by the cardinal points and originates from a different country. The direction of the wind indicates the changing weather patterns. It’s an essential observation tool for those that know how to listens to the vineyards needs.


In the shade of the oak trees, ahead of you lies the terroir of Chateau Capion. To your left hand side you will find the river bed of the Gassac, rich in deposit originating from Mount Baudille, winding its way through Capion. In front of you a plateau with clay and limestone and glacial boulders. To your right a well drained soil, rich in limestone and calcareous rocks, nourished all year around by the numerous underground rivers.


Embrace the beautiful Herault Valley lying in front of you. From the “cirque de Moureze” overlooking the lake Salagou to your left, to the slopes of the Terrasses du Larzac before you.


Close your eyes, and let go to the smells and scents of more then 40 different plant species of mediterranean origin. 5 aromatic families have been put forth to allow you to soak up the complex note of the garrigue (scrub land) which you will find in our wines.


You are now arriving at the wine cellar, where we make sure to respect our grapes, that have grown around us and reveal the unique identity of Chateau Capion. Here we do nothing but humbly respect this very identity, and what a treat and pleasure it is to taste the soul of the magnificent terroir!

In 1985, the Domaine CAPION was granted the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée- Côteaux du Languedoc for its land. Most of it being still planted under Bordeaux and burgundy vines, the domaine carries on producing wines under the appellation AOC and as well as Vin de Pays.

The wine making process

Before the grapes are harvested, regular tests are carried out to check if they are ripe enough. First, chemical tests are done to control the acidity and the sugar. Then the grapes are tasted by the wine maker. The aim is the obtaining of the best balance possible between chemical, aroma and tannin. Once the tests have reached the optimal results the harvest can start. At Capion harvest is done both mechanically and by hand. When done with the machines the harvest starts early in the morning to avoid oxidation.

The grapes are carried to the sorting table where they are checked and selected, and then they go to the destemer and after are pressed. The wine making process has started. Most of our wines lie in oak barrels for different periods of time according to the wine that is being made. Some wines mature in stainless steel tanks. All the wine is bottled at the Château which gives it the noble label “Mis en bouteille au Château”.

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