Tbilvino (Georgia)

Tbilvino Khvanchkara Medium Sweet Red

Varieties:                               Aleksandrouli 70%, Mujuretuli 30%.

Place of production:              Appellation-controlled red medium sweet wine produced from specially selected Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grapes grown in the Khvanchkara micro-zone of the mountainous Racha region. The vineyards are planted on the mountain slopes at 450-750 meters above the sea level.

Fermentation:                       The juice is fermented in a tank, at a controlled temperature of 16/18°C.

Tasting profile:                     This wine is a bright medium-ruby color with distinct notes of berries and cherry. Khvanchkara is light and smooth wine.

Food pairing:                        Pairs well with a cherry pie, walnut and honey sweets, fruit assortment and baklava.

Awards:                                 Decanter, London 2010 – Bronze

                                              Favorite Wine Brand, Tbilisi – Golden Brand 2006