Tbilvino (Georgia)

Tbilvino Kindzmarauli Medium Sweet Red

Variety:                                    Saperavi 100%.

Place of production:                Appellation-controlled red medium sweet wine is produced from specially selected Saperavi grapes grown in the Kindzmarauli micro-zone of the Kakheti region. The vineyards are planted at 350-550 meters above the sea level on the mountain slopes with medium latitude.

Fermentation:                          Fermentation is done at a controlled temperature of 16/18°C. Warm ferments help produce a fleshier character of the final wines.

Tasting profile:                        Light berry color with a dominant flavor of plums and sweet and dry grape juice.

Food pairing:                           This well-balanced wine pairs well with chocolate, ripe strawberries, cakes and red fruits.

Awards:                                    IWSC, London 2013- Bronze

                                                 GNWC, Tbilisi 2013 - Silver

                                                 IWSC, London 2012- Bronze,

                                                 Decanter, London 2012 – Commended

                                                 Georgian national Wine Competition, Tbilisi 2012-0 Silver

                                                 Decanter, London 2011 – Commended