J Bouchon (Chile)

J Bouchon Sauvignon Blanc

Variety Sauvignon Blanc
Wine Region Maule Vallley
Vineyards  Las Mercedes and Santa Rosa
Yield 12.000 Kg/ha without irrigation
Harvest  Hand picked in plastic boxes, last week of February
Vinification Details Hand selected clusters. Maceration for 8 hours at 8 degrees C, Fermented in stainless steel tanks at 16 degrees C
Aging 2 months in bottle
Winemaker's Comments  Color:    Pale yellow with green notes
Aroma:  Green fruits, such as apples. Ripe peaches, herbaceous and floral aromas
Flavor:   Good acidity, fresh, it has good balance of fruit and acidity
Food Pairing 

Sauvignon Blanc is an ideal partner for fish and seafood in all variations, like carpaccio de salmon or oysters.  Whether grilled, baked or raw, this fruity, fresh white wine always goes well with it.  A special consumption is the combination with the Japanese cuisine. It shows his full bouquet, if it should be served at 9 degrees C. Endurance is 3 years.