Hello and welcome to the Black Stallion Spirits Inc. website. Black Stallion Spirits Inc. is a 100% family owned and operated company. We, Karina and Sergei Maslov, are owners of the company.


We moved to Calgary, Canada, from Moscow, Russia, in July 2001. We both have graduated from the Moscow University. Sergei has master's degree in law and Karina has master's degree in foreign languages. Sergei worked for 13 years as a lawyer and judge of the City of Moscow. Karina worked for 10 years for a Canadian owned commercial real estate company that has an office in Moscow. For the last couple of years she was the general manager of the property management division of the company.

When we came to Canada we realized that all our knowledge, skills and experience in dealing with people and selling our services could be used in liquor business. We have good connections in the liquor industry in Russia and we saw a niche in the Alberta market for high premium authentic Russian liquor products such as a Russian vodka. And we brought our first product - Black Stallion Russian Vodka.  This is how we came to the liquor industry.

Karina has successfully completed two wine courses offered by the International Sommelier Guild on her way to the Sommelier diploma.


Black Stallion Spirits Inc. liquor agency has been operating since 2002 when we brought the first container of our Black Stallion Russian vodka to Alberta.

Today we are very proud to say that we have come a long way. We have expanded our portfolio to include some great spirits and wines.

Our products are sold in over 500 liquor stores of Alberta including all major chains. We work very closely with many restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels.

We have our headoffice in Calgary, Alberta.

We have expanded our activities to other provinces.  We sell our products to Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

In October 2013 Shalan Jaye joined our team. Shalan comes from a strong working history in both purchasing and sales. Belief in strong relationships is the key to her professional success. Her interest in wine is long, but it's only recently that she has completed her WSET 2. She has travelled extensively and has always found her way to the vineyards. Her explorations have taken her to France, Italy, Spain, Washington State, Niagara and NY State, and British Columbia, with more to come...
“ What is most interesting about wine is the story it tells about the land where it is grown and the people who make it”



The policy of our company is based on three main factors:

  • strong business and personal relationship with our customers - liquor stores', wine boutiques', bars', restaurants' owners and managers
  • high quality products in our portfolio, and
  • close mutually beneficial relations with suppliers of our products.