Four generations, the same passion…

Carlo Campagnola founded the winery in 1886. He received his first official recognition in 1907 with a gold medal for the best “reccioto wine”.

In 1926 he participated in the Wine Fair and Exposition at the Grand Guardia in Verona and purchased the historic Antica Osteria Portoni Borsari at street n. 61.  

The Campagnola Cellars, a family-run winer for four generations, is situated in Valgatara, the center of the Classic Valpolicella zone in the small town of Marano di Valpolicella. Luigi Campagnola personally selects the best situated Veronese vineyards. 

He keeps in close collaboration with the grapegrowers from the best production zones in order to always have the very best grapes.  

The company has a modern factory for the processing of the grapes of Amarone. This factory (known as the Fruttaio) was created to achieve a traditional operation in conditions of optimum hygiene. Careful control of humidity levels, using the most modern methods, allows us to obtain grapes which are free from mould or exatting, which may cause undesired flavours within the wine.

In addition, the perfection of the grape is reflected in an exalting of the particular characteristic of the fruit, allowing the wine express its maximum flavour. 

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