Michele Satta and his land

The story of the estate began with Michele, born in Varese but with Sardinian origins, and it was on that island that, while still a boy, his real passion for the land initiated: a passion that involved constant dedication and hard work.

He rediscovered the same intense excitement when he transferred to Tuscany during his time at university, at the faculty of Agriculture in Pisa.

Michele began working as a laborer on the Tringali Casanova farm at Castagneto Carducci, where he learned that the farming tradition is an incredibly important heritage that has to be preserved, with patience and respect.

That estate grew peaches and strawberries; wine, on the other hand, was produced in the Maremma and was sold as a product for blending.

The Michele Satta company originated in 1983 at Castagneto Carducci, in the heart of the Bolgheri D.O.C., of which Michele was one of the founders; it is a region inhabited by important families and wine entrepreneurs who have made their mark on the wine production history of Tuscany in the last 30 years.

The estate is family-run, with a now constant size of 25 hectares, and currently produces 150,000 bottles a year, all obtained from its own grapes.

The philosophy of the Michele Satta estate draws its origin from the life of its founder: a boundless, all-inclusive passion for agriculture that he picked up during his initial experience as a laborer on the farm at Castagneto Carducci.