imageMonte Sabotino Brandy 24 YR OLD
Monte Sabotino Brandy 24 YR OLD
Zanin Grappas and Liqueurs (Italy)

Monte Sabotino Brandy

This very elegant distillate will please, even amaze, the most demanding palate. Long, natural ageing in oak barrels gives this precious product an unmistakable amber colour, a soft palate and great balance. This brandy is certainly one of the best Italian spirits.

Matured brandy obtained from the masterly distillation in copper alembics of a blend from the most vintage wines.  The long period of natural ageing in selected casks made with the best durmast gives this wonderful matured brandy a delicate scent with notes of fruit, spices, tobacco and chocolate accompanied by a flavour which is extremely harmonic, sweet, refined, round, velvety and with a persistency that makes this brandy unique and unmistakable.  The aftertaste intensifies the fruity and spicy notes with palatable sweet wood scents. The production of this Brandy is dated.